07 October 2012

LP Sunday: Yuna

Album: Yuna
Artist: Yuna
Genre: Indie with a side of Sunshine
Label: Fader
Released: 24 April 2012
My Review: Yuna was on tour with Michael Kiwanuka when they stopped in my city, and I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised by this young giant from Malaysia.  Michael’s concert was amazing because not only was he incredibly awesome (as I knew he would be – such an amazing artist) but the entire night was wonderful.  Opening for Michael was Nathaniel Rateliff and the gorgeous, lovely, completely amazing Yuna.
This album is so light and fluffy and I love it for that reason.  Not only does she have an incredible stage presence, but if you see her live you can tell that she really believes what she is singing about.  She was another one (like Paper Aeroplanes) where I hadn’t heard of her until recently, and she has a lot of amazing stuff out there.  So feast your ears peeps. Feast. Your. Ears.

Favorite Tracks:
Remember My Name
Bad Idea

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