25 August 2013

Back to the Start

Now, I know what you're probably all thinking "E, you said you were back before, but you weren't back.  You're a big fat liar." and . . . that is the truth.  *heavy sigh* life guys.  Life threw me. To be honest I've started this a million times (maybe a million and one) and every draft began with me making excuses, and I HATE making excuses.  Excuses are ridiculous, I've just looked up the definition and decided I don't like them.  So instead, I'm going to apologize profusely: I am really extremely, adamantly sorry I know this is more an internal "I've let myself down" sort of thing, but I am sorry, for not blogging, not tweeting, not goodread'sing (not a word), not e-mailing you back, I'm a horrible awful person, I get it. I also want to take a minute and thank YOU (yeah, you!) every one of you who has and still stops by once in a while, new content is coming, as a matter of fact, I'm flooding the blog with book reviews tonight and tomorrow.  I'll post the newest reviews on the sidebar (new thing I'm trying - let me know if you like it) and keep it up with Track on Tuesday.

I want you all to know something: I LOVE doing this, and I will admit, I've been crap at it lately, and there may be times where I don't post all my reviews on goodreads, or tweet them out, or whatever, but I will post new content here as often as I can (that's a promise).

If you're new: I welcome you, you are darling, I love your face, have you gotten a new hair cut recently? because you look positively FANTASTIC! And thanks for joining.  Also: remember, you can click both the "Book Archives" and "Record Archives" tabs if you're looking for a specific review - I've posted and linked them all there. As always, if you have any questions, recommendations, or want to have a little chat, e-mail me, because I really love hearing from you! (even though I'm crap at responding to e-mails sometimes.)  My contact info is all in the "Contact" tab (I know, weird).

Until next time.
read, listen, love,
(a very remorseful, and yet excited to get back in the swing of things)

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