21 August 2012

Track on Tuesday: Sweet Dream

Album: Three Flights from Alto Nido
Artist: Greg Laswell
Genre: Indie/Alternative
Label: Vanguard
Released: 26 August 2008
My Review: For a track that clocks in a just over a minute this may be one of the cutest songs in the universe.  Greg Laswell always has a tendency to blow me away because although his music sounds so simple his lyrics are so incredible and powerful.  Love him, and this track, so much.

If I could write out my own dream 
For the next time that I sleep  
You'd be the first one that I see  
And I the last one that you keep

And the dream would go on and on  
While we sway against all things thrown our way  
And the morning would be so cruel  
When it came with sunshine and warmth to blame  
For announcing the end of my sweet dream  
For announcing the end of my sweet dream

Sweet Dream by Greg Laswell on Grooveshark

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