29 August 2013

Books into Films

I'm liking this trend.  To be honest, a lot of the move adaptations I've seen are pretty great.  I know what you're thinking "but they TOTALLY SUCKED at the box office" 

This means two things, I'm either:
1. Easy to please when it comes to movies
2. The movies weren't marketed to the correct audience.

I think it's a combination of both (you have to tell the ENTIRE audience what the film is about - not just the small percentage of the audience who has actually read the book - dur.) also, I really like going to the movies.  Movies are pretty fantastic in my opinion.

Here's 2 movies based on books that I have really enjoyed recently.

Who knows, maybe this can be a regular thing.

1. Austenland
Austenland was opened in limited release last week and I have to say: THIS MOVIE WAS FANTASTIC.  So many great one liners, and it followed the book very very closely.  I was  fan of all of the cast members going in (their work on other projects was great) and I really liked that this movie didn't try to be any more than what it was.  It's a romantic comedy with a lot of heart and a lot of laughs.  If you don't know already I'm a pretty massive fan of Shannon Hale's work.  I've met her a few times and she is one of the nicest most down to earth people on the entire planet.  If you adored the book as much as I did, you will definitely not be disappointed by the film.

2. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
I've been after my sister to read this series for.ever. and she finally did this past weekend so  we headed out to see the film.   This is where I was going with the whole "marketing" thing.  She had absolutely zero interest in seeing this before she read the novels.  The trailer didn't make any sense, but after she read City of Bones she couldn't wait to see it, and it did NOT disappoint.  It had been a while since I read the books, but both of us thoroughly enjoyed both the book and the film, and I'm really excited to see where they go with the second one.

Annnd, here are some trailers for books I am ridiculously excited about which are making the jump from the page to both the big (and small) screen.

based on the novel by Veronica Roth, expected to hit theaters March 2014
holy crap. gasping.  this trailer had me GASPING

The 100
based on the novel by Kass Morgan.
I'm always up for a dystopian return to earth story that feels a little like Lord of the Flies
I'm also very excited for this book to come out.  I will definitely be reading it.

Sleepy Hollow
there are no words.
Hello newest obsession.  It's like somebody stuck National Treasure, Washington Irvine, attractive men, witty one liners, and time travel into a blender AND I LOVE IT.

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