27 August 2013

Track on Tuesday: Beggar in the Morning

Album: The Barr Brothers
Artist: The Barr Brothers
Genre: Rock/Indie
Label: Secret City Records 2
Released: 27 September 2011
My Review:  This song reminds me a little bit of when Kings of Leon decide to go a little more county.  I first heard it on an 8tracks mix, which I usually listen to in the background when I’m working and this one stuck out.  There are so many sounds I hear from other bands in this song, and all of them mixed together with a smattering of something really unique and special is incredible.  I love where indie music is headed right now, I love how it’s taking simple chords, simple phrases, and creating something meaningful and beautiful.  It’s not that I don’t love top 40’s, I rock out to those like it’s nothing when I’m the car, but when I need to find inspiration, I turn to songs like this one.

Steady woman won't you come on down?
I need you right here on the ground
I've walked the outskirts of this town
Been terrorized by what I've found

I saw a standing virgin bride
Where holy Dionysus died
She tore the heart out from his side
And laid it there, and there she cried

(Whoa's x4)

She said, "Hello, I'm a monster too."
"What poisons me is what poisons you."
Into these animals we grew
(But) When we were young our eyes were blue

I take my medicine on my knee
Twice a day but lately three
Keeps the devil from my door
And it makes me rich and it makes me poor

I'm a beggar in the morning,
I'm a king at night,
My belt is loose,
But my trigger is tight

May come without warning,
At the speed of the light
Make it shine so pretty
Make it shine so bright

(Music Break)

I think I've come a long, long way
To stand before you here today
They're yours alone, the songs I play,
To take with you or throw away

Whoa-o-o-o, Whoa-o-o-o-o-o-o, Whoa-o-o-o-o, Whoa-o-o-o, Whoa-o-o-o
(Away forever or fade away)

Oh, I want an angel to wipe my tears,
Know my dreams, my hopes, desires and fears
We may capsize, but we won't drown
Hold each other as the sun goes down

I'm a beggar in the morning,
I'm a king at night,
My belt is loose, and
My trigger is tight

May come without warning
At the speed of the light-
Make it shine so pretty,
Make it shine so bright.

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