23 June 2012


Author: Jamie McGuire
Series: Providence # 1
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult
Publisher: Jamie McGuire, LLC
Released: 20 November 2010
Summary: via goodreads.com In the old world shadows of Providence, Rhode Island, Nina Grey finds herself the center of a war between Hell and Earth.
Struggling with her father’s recent death, Nina meets Jared Ryel by chance…or so she believes. Although his stunning good looks and mysterious talents are a welcome distraction, it soon becomes clear that Jared knows more about Nina than even her friends at Brown University. When questions outnumber answers, Jared risks everything to keep the woman he was born to save—by sharing the secret he was sworn to protect.
When her father’s former associates begin following her in the dark, Nina learns that her father is not the man she thought he was, but a thief who stole from demons. Searching for the truth behind her father’s death, Nina stumbles upon something she never expected—something Hell wants—and only she holds the key
My Review: Let me start by saying that one of my goodreads friends (Cindy over at Once Upon a Time Book Reviews – click the link to her site, she’s great!) was really excited about this book, and though my TBR list on my Kindle is hovering somewhere around 110 titles, I knew that this one was going get pushed to the top. I’m so glad that it did! So thank you, Cindy, for getting so excited about such a fun read!
Providence is a really amazing blend that has slight elements of the Twilight novels and the Hush, Hush saga, however it is unique. Here is why:
1. Jared. Jared’s love for Nina has been growing for quite some time. He doesn’t see her across the lunch room, he purposefully inserts himself into her life with every intention of staying there. This isn’t a “hey look at the hot girl over there, I can’t live without her.” It’s built upon things in the past (cue: the diary-reading scene, melt my heart!) Although Jared is overprotective, I felt that he had a legitimate, tried and true, had already taken 1 bullet for this girl, reason to be overprotective. He also wasn’t afraid to admit that his weakness was if anything happened to her. Both literally and figuratively.
2. The Setting: Seriously. This setting works so perfectly for this type of story and I felt like it played really well into helping move the story forward. You know how is Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling is always giving hints about what is to come through the way the weather is acting? That’s kind of what McGuire does in Providence, I love when weather and setting is incorporated into a story. And I love when a story is set on a Uni campus! I feel like it encourages readers to head to University, which I wholeheartedly support.
3. The Story. I will be the first to admit that I am a sucker for the stories that are like this one. Although I haven’t made my way through the Twilight books recently, they do have a very fond place in my heart. Not only because they really propelled me into a wider variety of paranormal books, but because they boosted the YA industry into what it is today. That being said: I love stories about true love! I love stories that have a happy ending! I love stories that are entertaining and fun to read. Providence is that way for me. It was fun, it was light (material wise), and a great one to curl up on the couch and read over an afternoon.
I’ll admit: The only thing I didn’t like about this book was Ryan. Ryan was annoying. I felt like through the entire book he was pushing himself onto Nina, and although I think there was something (on the authors part) to turn Ryan/Nina/Jared into a love-triangle, I honestly never felt like Ryan stood a chance. I mean seriously? He was annoying and so cocky it made me was to hurl. This book with suck you in. I’ve joked before, but this one really felt like I had gone down the rabbit hole and wouldn’t be coming back out for a while. I can’t wait to get started on the sequel! 


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